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Policing Matters Podcast: Are PERF’s use of force recommendations misguided?

Doug and Jim also offer lessons from law enforcement’s handling of Super Bowl 50 that agencies can use when preparing for their own large scale event

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What lessons can other departments take from the San Francisco Police Department when preparing for their own large scale event (or responding to a large scale disturbance)? With SB50 just wrapping up, Jim and Doug discuss how the SFPD (and all of the Bay Area) ramped up security and ensured the safety of residents and visitors. San Francisco drew on its experience in planning for and executing on the America’s Cup and three World Series championships.

During the past three years, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) have issued several papers proposing significant changes to police use of force policy and training. From their August 2012 report “An Integrated Approach to De-Escalation and Minimizing Use of Force” to their August 2015 report “Re-Engineering Training On Police Use of Force” and their January 2016 paper “Use of Force: Taking Policing to a Higher Standard,” PERF has advocated for some pretty misguided changes. Several organizations have come out in criticism of the latest, with NAPO perhaps taking the most aggressive stand. Jim and Doug talk about some of PERF’s recommendations, and the ongoing conversation between police leaders about how it will all shake out in the future.

Finally, how can law enforcement better educate the public about police use of force? There continues to be a widespread lack of understanding among citizens about police work despite moves by many departments to redouble their efforts in hosting Citizens’ Academies and working with local media. What more can be done? Jim and Doug discuss some ideas that may help have an impact for the future.

Episode 5

  • Segment One: Preparing for large scale events: Lessons from Super Bowl 50
  • Segment Two: PERF’s recommendations on police use of force (17:20 min mark)
  • Segment Three: How can LE better educate the public on use of force? (37:10 min mark)
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