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Dr. Cherylynn Lee

Dr. Cherylynn Lee is a police psychologist and works full-time for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office as the Behavioral Sciences Manager, overseeing the mental health co-response teams, CIT training and the internal Wellness Unit, including Peer Support. Dr. Lee is a member of the county’s threat management team and consults on threat assessment cases around the state. She also serves on the crisis negotiation response teams for both the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office and the Santa Barbara Police Department and teaches in the FBI 40-hour Crisis Negotiation Academy.

Dr. Lee has a private practice in the Santa Ynez Valley where she sees first responders exclusively, specializing in trauma, post-traumatic stress and mindfulness. She is contracted with The Counseling Team International to offer counseling and emergency response services across the state of California. Dr. Lee has led many critical incident stress debriefings for OIS, LODD, natural disasters and as requested by both local and state fire and law agencies.

Dr. Lee is also a subject-matter expert with CA POST on both officer and dispatcher wellness and has participated in several training videos and initiatives aimed at supporting and encouraging wellness for departments and their personnel. She currently sits on the California State Sheriffs Association Wellness board. She can be reached at

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