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‘Comply Now, Complain Later’: NPA launches campaign addressing police use-of-force

A new video from the National Police Association urges the public to cooperate with lawful orders to help avoid use-of-force incidents

national police association psa use of force

National Police Association via YouTube

By Suzie Ziegler

INDIANAPOLIS — A public service announcement from the National Police Association will soon be distributed to over 1,800 U.S. television cable networks, according to a release from the NPA.

The “Comply Now, Complain Later” campaign aims to reduce the number of police use-of-force encounters by educating the public on the dangers of fighting or fleeing law enforcement. In a YouTube video, the PSA urges citizens to do their part by cooperating with lawful orders.

Each year officers are involved in 50,000 use-of force encounters leading to injuries and death, according to the NPA. Everyone can help reduce that number, organizers say.

“Use of force is always ugly. Nobody likes it, especially police. And nobody knows how it will turn out,” the release reads in part. “The message of this PSA is asking the public to help police by not escalating, not attacking, not fleeing and not trying to disarm an officer. Whether it is getting asked a question, getting a citation or getting arrested, don’t confront, don’t resist and don’t flee. If someone feels they have been improperly treated by an officer, the time to seek a legal resolution is after the encounter has concluded.”

The “Comply Now, Complain Later” campaign will be distributed by TV Access to major market stations, according to the release.

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