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Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ writer to self-publish ‘Thin Blue Line’ graphic novel

“I hope it has a positive impact on policing. I’ve put my heart into every page,” the novel’s illustrator, a full-time police officer, said

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Joseph Arnold

By Police1 Staff

LOVELAND, Colo. — Prolific comic book writer Mike Baron — author of “The Punisher,” “Nexus” and “The Flash” — is self-publishing his latest graphic novel, “Thin Blue Line,” after he struggled to find a buyer for it. Instead, the cop-focused story will be funded partly by a Kickstarter campaign.

“I was shocked at how easily we beat our modest crowdfunding goal,” campaign manager Chris Braly said in a press release. “Mike’s fans and the law enforcement community really came out in force on Indiegogo. So today we’re expanding the campaign to Kickstarter for 30 days to give anyone just learning about ‘Thin Blue Line’ a chance to own a first printing of what’s destined to be a rare comic book.”

“Thin Blue Line” tells the story of two cops who are assigned to guard the mayor as civil unrest breaks out after a police shooting.

“It’s not polemic, and definitely isn’t a cop recruitment book,” Baron said. “It’s just a thrilling action drama, similar in many ways to elements my fans may recall from the five years I wrote Punisher, which were grittier and more realistic than most mainstream superhero comics.”

The novel’s illustrator, Joseph Arnold, is a full-time police officer who says he was excited to join the project.

“I was eager to show another side of policing,” Arnold said in a statement. “The story emphasizes family, interpersonal dynamics and shows police officers from many different backgrounds. I hope it has a positive impact on policing. I’ve put my heart into every page.”

A portion of proceeds from “Thin Blue Line” will be donated to three law enforcement charities, according to the release. It is scheduled to go to print in February. You can donate to the Kickstarter campaign and sign up for perks here.