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Line-of-Duty Death (LODD)

Ambush attacks on police officers do not discriminate in gender, assignment or age, and they affect all category of assignment
In a heartfelt tribute, the Chicago Police Department honored fallen officers Aréanah Preston and Andrés Vásquez-Lasso
Frank Ray, a retired New Mexico police officer and country music recording artist, sang the national anthem and performed poignant musical tributes
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office deputy Bradley J. Reckling was pursuing a suspected stolen vehicle when three suspects got out and shot him in the head, chest and torso
A nurse who lived nearby performed CPR on Deputy Richard Thompson until help arrived
Richland County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Wick was struck and killed by a car when his leash broke and he chased a suspect who ran across the highway
The transcripts include dozens of panicked emergency calls from bystanders, witnesses and victims who watched the mayhem unfold
The request to fly the flag was in honor of fallen Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, 34, who was killed in a hit-and-run crash on May 30
Jemarcus Williams received the maximum sentence of 16 to 40 years for two counts of DUI resulting in death in the 2023 incident
The Bernanillo County first responders were returning from conducting firefighting operations in July 2022 when the helicopter entered a descent and crashed
“Coba served on SLED’s SWAT Team and SLED’s K9 Tracking Team... [keeping] communities, SLED’s law enforcement partners, and safe,” a release said
Officer Gregory Casillas died after being shot in the head while pursuing Isaias De Jesus Valencia; he had been on the job for only six months prior to the incident
The proposal was voted down by the Wethersfield town council, which cited a rule that requests to fly the flag be submitted 30 days in advance
Charles City County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Floyd H. Miles, Jr died after assisting another deputy with a suspect that was acting aggressively toward officers and EMS personnel
VMSDEP Friends highlights urgent need to protect education benefits for survivors of fallen veterans, LEOs and first responders in Virginia
Holley was sitting in her marked patrol car when she was ambushed and shot to death; the suspect was also convicted of killing another man the same way
Senior Officer Vicente Ortiz had served the Corpus Christi Police Department for fifteen years and was described as a “great husband, father, son, brother, friend and co-worker”
Gila River Police Officer Joshua Briese had not yet completed field training when he was killed while responding to a 911 disturbance call involving a large crowd
“I know we are not alone...” said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara. “It’s become too easy to attack our police, and it needs to stop”
As Officer Jamal Mitchell was approaching a crime scene, he noticed individuals who were injured by a shooting; when he tried to provide aid to one man, the man shot him
Trooper First Class Aaron Pelletier, who was described by peers as hard-working and good-natured, was killed when a person drove onto the highway shoulder and struck him
Cpl. Pricilla Dean Pierson was a six-year veteran of the Ponchatoula Police Department who began as a part-time communications officer and rose to the rank of corporal
A Clark County deputy mistakenly shot and killed off-duty Officer Donald Sahota, who was trying to detain a robbery suspect who showed up at his home and stabbed him
Larry Acree, 70, of Independence, is accused of shooting court employee Drexel Mack, along with two officers who came to the scene, including Cody Allen, who was killed
Detective Sgt. Bernardino Grottano was fatally shot in 1924; his funeral allowed many descendants to meet for the first time, including two current NYPD officers
Police officers and LE supporters explain why attending Police Week matters while LEOs stand watch for the fallen at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
“If the ultimate sacrifice is made, I want [officers] to know we’re there, standing with you, standing with your families,” Gov. Ned Lamont said
“Being a police officer is not just what you do, it’s who you are…” President Joe Biden said. “…this extended family [of other law enforcement officers] will always be here for you.”
“We lost the future of our family,” Ruge’s mother said. “I just didn’t lose my 27-year-old son, I lost my 37-year-old son and my 47-year-old son and my 57-year-old son. I lost the kids that he was going to have... I lost all of that”