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Mich. police use 4/20 pun-filled Facebook post as social-distancing reminder

“Weed not be doing our jobs if we didn’t remind you all that social distancing is still important”

Justine Lofton

BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The Bath Township Police Department used 420 Day to put out a hilariously pun-filled social distancing reminder.

April 20 is celebrated by many as an unofficial national day to smoke marijuana. 4/20 celebrations often include a gathering of friends who partake together, but Bath Township police are reminding everyone that Michigan is still under a stay home order and social distancing is still recommended as Michigan continues to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The police Facebook page is known for its wit and comedy. The latest post features the hashtags #GetYourEssentialMunchiesCurbside, #NotToLongToGoAndWeCanEnjoyACoronaOnTheBeach and #HASHTag. It also includes at least 14 references to marijuana. See if you can spot them all:

“Weed not be doing our jobs if we didn’t remind you all that social distancing is still important,” the post says. It’s a joint effort between all of us, from Herb to Mary Jane. Doobie cautious and avoid social gatherings such as pot lucks. If you’re out blazing some fall leaves or chatting with neighbors make sure to stay on your side of the grass. Hash out issues with your family peacefully even if they’re acting like a little roach. Today is 4/20 which means we’re closer to being able to hang out with our buds again which will be pretty dope. So reefer to the guidelines until then and stay safe.”

“And we’re aware of the difficulties faced by everyone as they cannot get together today to celebrate Carmen Electra’s birthday,” the post concludes.

Health officials recommend staying at least six feet away from other people to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Passing a joint is not advisable.

In just five hours, the post garnered over 10,000 reactions, 11,000 shares and 800 comments.