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Critical Incidents

Strategies for effective information dissemination and maintaining public trust during major incidents
The Irving Police Department and Irving Fire Department combined forces to offer EMDR therapy, an employee health clinic, wellness incentives and much more
Having the right resources at hand, and the peace of mind to be able to access them, is critical to crawling out of the pit your trauma has dug for you
Trends that will guide U.S. public safety organizations to success and transformation
Sgt. Patrick Kepp, 36, was hit while deploying spike strips on the interstate by a driver who has intentionally baited officers to pursue him on roadways in the county in the past
Guidance for managing the emotions associated with the anniversaries of traumatic incidents
Eliminating the distressing sights and sounds of the job is impossible, but we can better prepare first responders for dealing with emotional scenes
While there are differing peer support and CISD models, there are recognized best practices you should consider
House Bill 562 allows 48 hours of time off post-critical incident, but issues of messaging and pay are vital to ensuring peace officer support
Researchers have identified the Mass Attacks Defense Chain, a series of defenses to reduce the probability of mass attacks
In the hours and days following the shooting, authorities gave shifting information of what happened and how they responded
Such a review is somewhat rare and most after-action reports after a mass shooting are generally compiled by local law enforcement or outside groups
Witnessing despicable evil shatters an officer’s assumptions about how the world is supposed to work
“When you are dealing with things like a mass casualty with children, it is going to penetrate your armor.”
It is important that you process the loss and what you experienced with your support network
The deputies were attempting to handcuff the man when he grabbed the weapon hidden in his waistband
Working with schools to develop a plan for initial protective actions during emergencies, like active shooter events
Law enforcement officers involved in a recent shooting require support from the top to process potential trauma
Like any special ops team, a law enforcement peer support team has a mission to fulfill
A phone call with my wife acted as a bridge between two events, leaving me in floods of tears after an arrest
Described as an experiential workshop for officers who have ‘been there,’ the Post Critical Incident Seminar is a three-day event for officers who are ‘feeling stuck’
It is likely that more than one officer will be involved in most critical incidents, which can cripple staffing in a small department
Sometimes referred to as the Priorities of Life, this concept is used to inform the decisions made during incident response
The Four Cs response model can help cut down on confusion and stress, and get officers out of crisis mode quicker
The support that can come from the officer’s primary relationship can be especially impactful
Officer Patrick Shaver and his wife interviewed nearly 100 police officers involved in shootings for the documentary
After interviewing surviving officers, I’ve learned that sometimes they are deemed or perceived as burdens, not heroes
Jim and Doug discuss how social media plays into modern police activity, and whether or not further cooperation is on the horizon
Tactical mental imagery gets us through the day, but strategic mental imagery gets us through the night