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Should masks be banned at protests?

Following violent protests, the chief of police in Portland suggested that the city ban the wearing of masks during protests


AP Photo/Ben Margot

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Following violent protests that left several people injured—including a conservative journalist who was badly beaten by protesters, the chief of police in Portland, Oregon suggested that the city pass a law that bans the wearing of masks during protests. Citing the fact that other states have laws prohibiting the wearing of masks during the commission of a crime, Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw suggested that the city institute the restrictions on masks at protests and demonstrations.

The Oregon ACLU opposes the proposal—they do tend to side politically with the people who tend to wear masks at rallies—but others in both government and private sectors see some benefit to the idea. In this podcast segment, Jim and Doug discuss whether or not such a proposal would even pass in the City of Roses.


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