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Trending Topics: When violence erupts at a music festival

By Police1 Staff

Controlling large groups of people at an event can be a monumental and dangerous task for law enforcement officers. After police gathered with city officials in Austin last week to discuss security measures at a music festival that has been marred by tragedy, we decided to gather five stories that illustrate the threats cops and the public face at these types of events. Take a look, and be sure to share in the comments section the steps your department has taken to keep these festivals safe.

San Francisco cop knocked unconscious stopping festival-goer

Man tried to sneak into the festival and the officer was knocked to ground trying to stop him.

Video: Handcuffed man flees cops at SXSW

One of three arrested suspects involved in a fight took off running through the crowd.

Driver fleeing police kills 2, injures 23 at SXSW festival

Suspect gunned his car through a barricade after an officer on a drunken-driving patrol tried stopping the car.

4 shot at Texas festival, 2 hurt when fleeing

A man opened fire on an arena floor at a Caribbean music festival, wounding at least four people and causing a stampede.

Police: Crowd tramples security guard at Miami music festival

Miami police earlier had warned festival organizers to reinforce the festival fence.

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