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Deadly Force Encounter

Uses of force captured on video can be misinterpreted, exposing officers and agencies to significant civil and criminal liability. Are you providing the best evidence?
An Ark. officer’s actions come under legal scrutiny as the Eighth Circuit Court revives a lawsuit concerning the 2016 shooting of a suicidal teenager
The defendant officer was initially denied qualified immunity after fatally shooting a violent subject
Police were in a hourslong standoff with the man before shots were fired, after his mother called 911 to report he was vandalizing a vehicle
During the course of about four minutes, the man fired 15 rounds from two rifles at officers responding to reports he assaulted a family member
Appellate court concludes that the evidence plainly showed the officers subjectively believed the suspect had a gun
The officer, believing the suspect was armed and that a fellow officer was in danger, shot the suspect from behind
This tactic expands your ability to stop a deadly threat the impartial investigator, here’s what I’m not going to tell you
Four officers engaged with the suspect for roughly six minutes trying to de-escalate the situation
The incident began after an officer observed a man lighting vehicles on fire in a parking lot near a district station