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Policing Matters Podcast: The best cop shows in TV history

Jim and Doug go to Hollywood and talk about their favorites

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There have been tons of terrible police procedurals, but we’ve had some good cop shows too. What are the best cop shows in television history? What makes those good shows good? In this week’s podcast, Jim and Doug go to Hollywood and talk about their favorites.

Doug and Jim’s List:

Barney Miller

This 1975 sitcom starred Hal Linden as NYPD Captain Bernard “Barney” Miller and ran for eight seasons.


This short-lived cult favorite debuted in 2009 and was praised for its realistic portrayal of life as an LAPD officer.

Hill Street Blues

Debuting in 1981, this gritty police procedural won numerous Emmys and influenced countless other shows.

The Wire

One of the most critically acclaimed shows of all time, this 2002 drama tackled the War on Drugs and the dysfunction of institutions in an American city – from law enforcement to school systems to the media.


One of Amazon’s first original series, this police procedural starring Titus Welliver is based on Michael Connelly’s series of popular crime novels and debuted in 2014.

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