Quiz: Which beer did you earn from your public interaction today?

In just one simple question, we'll tell you which beer you've earned today.

By Motorcop, Police1 Contributor

Our wine-drinking friends (at least the serious ones) know which wines pair well with which foods. But, beer can have pairings of its own, too. As a benefit to you, my good readers, I have spent countless hours documenting a different kind of pairing for my fellow LEOs. And unleashing the list today, during National Drink a Beer Day makes complete sense. 

You’re welcome. In just one simple question, I not-so-humbly present to you, the best beer for your public interaction today. 

(Please remember, these pairings should only be implemented when one has arrived safely at home and is no longer on duty...sad that a disclaimer has to be mentioned, but there it is.)

The outcomes are backed by science, really. 

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