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Registration now open for ASEBP 2024: Advancing Policing Through Evidence-Based Practices

This annual conference is a key event for sharing research and innovations in evidence-based policing methodologies


By Police1 Staff

The American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP) has announced the opening of registration for the #ASEBP2024 Conference. This event is a pivotal gathering for professionals and academics dedicated to advancing policing through evidence-based practices.

Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with leading experts, participate in discussions and gain insights into the latest research and methodologies in the field of evidence-based policing. Sessions include The Impact of Real Time Crime Centers on Homicide Clearance, Models for Strategic Staffing: Applied Research Methods for Recruitment and Retention and Officers’ Perspectives on Alternative Responses to 911 Calls for Service. Click here to view the conference agenda.

The conference is scheduled for May 29-31 in Spokane, Wash. For more information and to register, visit the ASEBP website.