LEO-inspired Mother’s Day gifts to show your appreciation

A special thank-you to all the mothers who double as first responders.

By Police1 Staff

Whether the special lady you’re appreciating on Mother's Day is a police officer or the mother or wife of a police officer, she has a tough job. Police1 has compiled a list of Mother's Day gift ideas you might consider to show your appreciation. 

Coffee Mugs

Price: Starting from $12.99

It's difficult to go wrong with a coffee mug - they are practical and fun to customize. 

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LEO themed jewelry

Price: starting at $19.50

Jewelry is always a good way to go, but it can be expensive. Charm bracelets are a fun and affordable idea. You can select from a variety of police-themed charms to make it more personalized. This one is for mothers of LEOs.

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Another option is this yellow gold pendant. It’s a sophisticated and classy addition to any necklace. 

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Home Decor

Price: $26.00 - $30.52

This indoor-only welcome mat is a warm decoration for any home. The material is a plush nylon and a thin blue line design that sits on a black background.  

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The police officer’s prayer is a thoughtful, personal reminder about the important role an LEO has both in their family and in their community. 


Price: $34.99 -$79.00

If you’re looking for something more practical as a Mother’s Day gift, consider this concealed carry tank top. This holster is meant for a right-hand draw and allows for immediate access whether you're wearing a button down shirt, t-shirt or pullover. 

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Another concealed carry option is this women’s concealed carry holster. It comes in three colors, holds three weapons and extra magazines. The holster is specially designed to contour to a woman’s curves. 

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Price: $150.00 - $180.00

Sunglasses are another practical gift for Mother's Day. Oakley offers a discount for government employees, including police officers. These are two options we liked:

The Oakley Women's Commit Iridium Rimless Sunglasses

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The Oakley Women's Feedback OO4079 Aviator Sunglasses

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Regardless of the gift you choose to give her for Mother’s Day, your mother or wife will surely be proud of any gift that acknowledges her service. We’re wishing you a happy holiday with all of the special mothers in your life and a special thank you to those mothers who serve as first responders.

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