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Trending Topics: Why cops should stay vigilant at home

By Police1 Staff

We’ve all heard it before: a cop is never truly off-duty. But this familiar saying can be especially true at home – where a cop is arguably at his or her most vulnerable. It’s easy to perceive the home as a place of relative safety and security, but as these five stories show, you can never completely let your guard down. From the dangerous to the bizarre, here are five encounters that took place at a cop’s residence:

Tenn. deputy shoots and kills attacker in her home

Man had broke in, hid and tried to attack the deputy as she came home.

Car thieves are ramming into Nev. cruisers, police say

In one incident, a K-9 cruiser was targeted in the driveway of an officer’s home.

Fla. man arrested after dancing atop squad

Suspect was arrested and charged after a neighbor reported the man was dancing on a police vehicle parked in a driveway.

Pa. woman torches detective’s home in retaliation for son’s arrest

Woman started the fire while the officer and his family were vacationing at Walt Disney World.

Wash. deputy’s patrol car, home hit in drive-by shooting

Suspect drove up and fired four shots, hitting the cruiser at least twice and the deputy’s house once.