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Watch: New ATF director talks mass shootings, rising gun violence

In a recent CBS interview, Steven Dettelbach said there is “no one solution” to ending gun violence in the U.S.



By Sarah Calams

WASHINGTON — In a recent CBS interview sit-down, Steven Dettelbach, newly sworn-in director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, addressed the nation’s gun violence, noting there is “no one solution” to solving the problem.

However, Dettelbach did say the problem is “urgent,” but is difficult to solve because, “it looks way different depending on where you are.”

“The reasons we’re having a hard time coming up with one solution is because there is no one solution,” he said. “The solutions are different, based upon where things are.”

Regarding mass shootings, Dettelbach told CBS News the focus needs to be on “prevention,” saying those in the prison system need “options other than going back to doing the same thing that got them there.”

Watch the full interview below.