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For Cops, By Cops

From mobile apps to tactical gear to the newest trends in police technology, For Cops, By Cops covers products that are designed and tested by current and former law enforcement officers for on-duty use. The features are designed to both help out our brothers and sisters in law enforcement with their businesses and keep the police community aware and up-to-date on the latest police products.

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A Calif. cop stuck at home due to injury created a product that would give him peace of mind
The Maxx-Dri vest is a thin vest made out of unique mesh material that’s meant to be worn under ballistic armor
The Buckle Keeper is a short strip of material that wraps around your duty belt to keep it in place and secures the buckle so that it can’t be undone
The Original Bang Box is a heavy-duty and powder-coated wood-interior box designed to legally transport 2 flash bangs
The Rapid Deployment Shield is light weight, collapsible, and ideal for fitting in your squad and other tight spaces
From the moment you spot the weaving car to the time you generate your report, MyFSTs gathers the data you need to make an arrest stand up
Officer Peter Roccisano started 10-24 Products to provide a way to keep backup weapons handy
OfficerJulie Williams needed to carry more than her belt could hold, so she crafted a way to keep everything at hand — or foot
With these tactical light gloves, better visibility is always within your grasp
More than two-thirds of all preventable police officer deaths are due to hemorrhaging – here’s a kit to stop the bleeding