The safe way to carry a back-up pistol in your vest

Officer Peter Roccisano started 10-24 Products to provide a way to keep backup weapons handy

Business Name:  10-24 Products
Product: Backup pistol pouch
Officer / Department: Officer Peter Roccisano, 7-year veteran

What is your signature product?
While 10-24 Products is developing several products designed to offer unique solutions for police officers, our signature product is the back-up pistol pouch, a free-standing, secured pocket for a back-up firearm, ideally concealed behind a soft trauma plate.

Where did the idea for your product come from?
10-24 Products was started while trying to find an easy and convenient way of effectively securing a backup weapon on one’s person while on patrol. While going through the various conventional locations where back-up weapons are carried — like the ankle, off-hand rear pocket, off-hand front pocket, and even inside the shirt on some sort of vest strap attachment — we found that none of these were the complete combination of being truly secured, easily defendable and readily available from a multitude of positions and scenarios.

While there is no perfect place to carry a back-up, our product is centrally located so that it is not only easily protected with a normal offensive ready position or fighting stance, it is also completely enclosed so that it won’t fall out during a foot pursuit, jumping a fence or during a physical confrontation.

This is the most readily accessible spot for either hand in almost any position. Very few holsters allow you an opportunity to access your backup when you are sitting in your vehicle, on your back and mounted, on your belly, while being grabbed at the waist or any other similar position.

How did that idea turn into a product?
The idea started out as a flap that went over a Velcro patch that was sewn onto the vest carrier. Realizing that modification to any part of the vest or carrier would likely void the warranty, we began looking for ways to make a freestanding pocket that could be readily added and removed from any concealable armor vest. By studying the available types of vests for patrol and after much trial and error, the final product currently offered was developed.

Are there other products out there like this one?
There is no other product available that allows one to quickly attach a completely enclosed and protective pocket onto any vest without modification, securely holding a firearm yet accessible from a uniform shirt in less than 3 seconds.

It is universal and fits any vest without modification. There is no need to purchase multiples to ensure that each vest carrier has one or have them re-stitched every five years when you get a new vest. It is far less likely to void a vest manufacturer’s warranty. It has an adjustable, universal holster which can be set for a proper left or right hand draw. It has a lifetime warranty. If it breaks we will fix it or replace it, no questions asked.

How did you test it out?
The pocket was tested by being worn on patrol in different prototype stages. It was used to shoot qualification courses, at pistol matches, and tested during sparring sessions on the mat. As slight nuances were discovered, adjustments were made, and ultimately we discovered: simple is better.

What does the future hold for your company?
There are several new items in the works. A smaller version of the pocket with a smaller internal holster targeted toward subcompact backups like the popular new generation of subcompact single stack 9mm’s and .380’s like the ever popular Ruger LCP. There are pockets in various stages of development for MOLLE vests, a runner’s version and several other items offering unique solutions to the challenges of carrying concealed weapons in various scenarios. Additionally, 10-24 Products is developing its own version of an active shooter plate carrier for patrol officers.

Where did the name 10-24 originate?
The name or moniker “10-24” originated from the 10 code system. While it seems to have limitless variations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is an "Officer Needs Help" call in my county. I felt it an appropriate moniker for the product’s design and intended use, so I named it just that. Products designed to help an officer who needs help, NOW!

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