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On-demand webinar: The research is in: Prevent your heart attack now

Addressing the critical issues of cardiac health for police officers

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Law enforcement officers’ average life expectancy is 22 years shorter than the general public. The number one killer of officers is cardiovascular disease. Sigma Tactical Wellness has made its mission to better understand why risk of sudden cardiac death is higher in law enforcement officers and what can be done to prevent it.

This webinar shows how the risk of cardiovascular disease can be more accurately assessed in law enforcement to identify heart risks earlier and save lives. Dr. Jon Sheinberg discusses the research that was conducted with almost 4,000 police officers to identify the marker that allows us to identify those of us who are at higher risk for heart disease and how to get treated before a heart attack occurs.

In this webinar moderated by Gordon Graham, co-founder of Lexipol and a lecturer in the University of Virginia Master of Public Safety program, you will learn:

  • The scope of cardiovascular disease among law enforcement officers.
  • What the predominant cardiovascular disease risk assessment technique is and why it is not effective for determining heart risk in officers.
  • What actually happens in a heart attack.
  • The marker that is a game changer in identifying potential cardiovascular risks and why.
  • How a LEO can get screened.

Learn the impact of this critical new finding and how to implement a heart health program in your department.


“Great information on a topic not usually discussed, presented by knowledgeable professionals in a clear, concise manner which I easily understood.”

“Very informative and main presenter related to police.”

“I thought the doctor was very knowledgeable and a good speaker.”

“Relevant information to me personally and for my department. Peer reviewed scientific data presented. Easy to decipher information as to why this is important, and what to do going forward.”

“Practical and useful information presented in straightforward manner.”



L - R: Gordon Graham, Jonathan Sheinberg, Noel March

Gordon Graham is a 33-year veteran of law enforcement, a lecturer in the University of Virginia Master of Public Safety program, and is the co-founder of Lexipol, where he serves on the current board of directors. A practicing attorney, Graham focuses on managing risk in public safety operations and has presented a commonsense approach to risk management to hundreds of thousands of public safety professionals around the world. He holds a master’s degree in Safety and Systems Management from University of Southern California and a Juris Doctorate from Western State University.

Dr. Jonathan Sheinberg is the Chief Medical Officer at Sigma Tactical Wellness, a board-certified cardiologist, and a sworn police officer. He is currently a Lieutenant on the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Dr. Sheinberg has extensive training and expertise in aggressive coronary disease detection and prevention before blockages become apparent and symptomatic. By using novel technology, he has pioneered a program to detect and treat coronary disease in its very early stages. He has combined his passion for medicine with his passion for law enforcement and applied this technology to a cardiometabolic screening program for first responders to identify risks and save lives. Dr. Sheinberg’s work and research has been peer-reviewed, validated and scientifically proven to be superior to standard risk analysis or coronary calcium scoring. His research is published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Noel March is the Chief Strategy Officer for Sigma Tactical Wellness (Sigma) and serves as both a member of the Justice Studies faculty and as the Director of the Maine Community Policing Institute at the University of Maine at Augusta. Chief March is the former 39th United States Marshal for the State of Maine as well as Chief of Police (ret.) for the University of Maine. A 40 year decorated veteran of law enforcement, he is nationally recognized as a subject matter expert in Community Oriented Policing and speaks on community engagement topics at colleges and conferences both nationally and internationally. As the Chief Strategy Officer for Sigma, Noel leads strategic initiatives including developing partnerships with organizations focused on the health and well being of first responders and helping them identify heart risks to save lives. Noel has proudly served on the board of directors for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and remains an active committee member of the IACP as well as with the FBI National Academy Associates.