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IACP 2012

Police1 is on the floor at IACP, bringing you the top news and products from this year’s conference. Check this section often for the latest updates and coolest new tools to assist officers on the job.

During the past two years, the Joint Counterterrorism Awareness Workshop Series (JCTAWS) Project has been conducting tabletop exercises in selected urban areas
Chiefs offered a number of lessons learned from LODDs during session at IACP 2012
DHS wants to give every cop in the country ready access to information, intelligence, and analysis to prevent attacks by extremist individuals and groups
Interchangeable electronic heads transform a road flare to an area light, flashlight or combo unit quickly and easily
In results released at IACP, respondents said they’re only minimally informed of local police activities
With the right strategies, it is possible to play the same games the media does
Visitors to the 5.11 Tactical booth at IACP 2012 were introduced to the TacLite Pro
“Police are going from zero to hundred in a matter of seconds, both literally and physiologically”