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IACP 2014

The FBI is increasingly concerned with extremism spreading via the Internet and fostering homegrown terrorism
Law enforcement leaders must understand that the aftermath of an event will last months and years after the incident
The R12 tablet debuted a new platform and ergonomic design that can transition from the field to the squad to the station with ease
PlateSmart LPR supports state jurisdiction recognition for all 50 U.S. states as well as plates worldwide
Panoramic views of dark or tight spaces can be viewed instantly by a synced device
Officers can retrieve all the necessary information about a stolen phone and the person who recycled it without a subpoena
The Backscatter Z is about 9 pounds and requires little training to use
Telogis is able to gather vehicle data specific to the officers’ driving environment to keep officers on the road safer and more aware
The body camera will pick up things that you missed, and likewise you will see things the camera can’t capture
Getting facts out ahead of the media can save time, the integrity of your agency, and the reputation of your officers
The newest DRE device from Ocular Data Systems is on display at IACP 2014
The ASTRO 25 Cloud Core Managed Service is designed for agencies needing options for P25 migration or those looking for cost-effective alternatives to owning and operating their own LMR P25 Core
Can’t make it to the show? We’ve got you covered: see everything IACP 2014 has to offer
2 surprising strategies for dealing with the aftermath of a mass casualty event were gleaned at an afternoon seminar session in the Police Psychological Services Section Track
This type of work has to be approached with a lot of finesse, and that it’s not easy, and that it takes time — most of all, it requires a lot of training.
Intentional focus, perception, and the speed of an event all have an effect on how officers process a deadly force encounter as it unfolds, as well as how they remember it after it’s over
Visibility into the budget and holding officers accountable for how they used that budget changed the way they operated
Back up your data and keep your training on cyber threats up-to-date
For children, seeing a parent get cuffed and put into the back of a squad can can have a lifelong impact
CORE takes the preexisting technologies of video recording and wireless internet access and combines them into one compact device
The uPoint MRC system simplifies robot operations such as driving, manipulation and inspection using intuitive touchscreen technology
The compact, low-profile headlamp features spot and flood beam options, plus high and low intensity settings
Kustom Signals Inc. created this alternate monitor controller to mount almost anywhere without interfering with existing backup camera systems
Mirror recording replicates recordings to an additional secure SD card, reducing officer liability
The RS2-X2 is a durable, compact camera featuring a front-facing screen, articulated head and one-touch recording
FaceSearch facial recognition technology analyzes over 350 different vectors of the human face
The bullet camera is smaller and lighter than other eyeglass-mounted options and is more comfortable to wear