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IACP 2014

The FBI is increasingly concerned with extremism spreading via the Internet and fostering homegrown terrorism
Law enforcement leaders must understand that the aftermath of an event will last months and years after the incident
The R12 tablet debuted a new platform and ergonomic design that can transition from the field to the squad to the station with ease
PlateSmart LPR supports state jurisdiction recognition for all 50 U.S. states as well as plates worldwide
Panoramic views of dark or tight spaces can be viewed instantly by a synced device
Officers can retrieve all the necessary information about a stolen phone and the person who recycled it without a subpoena
The Backscatter Z is about 9 pounds and requires little training to use
Telogis is able to gather vehicle data specific to the officers’ driving environment to keep officers on the road safer and more aware
The body camera will pick up things that you missed, and likewise you will see things the camera can’t capture
Getting facts out ahead of the media can save time, the integrity of your agency, and the reputation of your officers
The newest DRE device from Ocular Data Systems is on display at IACP 2014