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IACP 2015

The P1 staff hits the showroom floor at the 122nd Annual IACP Conference at the McCormick Palace West in Chicago to bring you the latest in police products and innovations, sponsored by VIEVU. Going to the show? Come see us at booth #4843, meet the staff, and collect some awesome Police1 swag!

Tucson police officers have deployed life-saving gear from their new IFAK kits approximately 140 times in the span of nearly two-years, and the bottom line is that Tucson’s IFAKs are saving lives
The mental toll taken on a police department after a mass casualty incident can be catastrophic, which is why its important to prepare prior to an incident
The president also took aim at the widespread negative media attention law enforcement has been subjected to
The new Alpha Elite Black ballistic package is a lightweight Level IIIA body armor
The RS2-X2L body camera features up to eight hours of battery life and 32GB of memory for up to 34 hours of video and audio recording
Police families can often become a forgotten community in need of support – here are some ways to comfort them and yourself
In excerpts of Obama’s prepared remarks for IACP 2015, the president defends police officers
The Si500 and Si300 combine a camera with a remote radio speaker microphone in a design meant to lessen the amount of gear cops wear on patrol
Police now have the ability to choose what to redact from video in compliance with their state laws and agency policy – and do it instantly
In the aftermath of a mass-casualty attack, one of the fundamental things police leaders need to not lose sight of is the importance of relationships with the public and the press
Leveraging massive economies of scale for back-end storage and software updating, new in-car video hardware is far more affordable than police agencies are presently accustomed to
In all, 47 women and 19 men were arrested on misdemeanor charges of obstructing traffic
The video system wirelessly uploads all recorded videos and integrates them into the software through Wi-Fi
Axon Interview includes a dedicated interview room appliance that works in parallel with HD cameras and microphones to give the best possible video and audio quality
The new Fido X2 — which features FLIR’s proprietary TrueTrace technology — is touted as a cost-effective sensing instrument for law enforcement agencies that delivers exceptional performance
The Investigate streamlines the collection, organization and sharing of potential evidence
The speech is part of Obama’s cross-country travel to meet with people working to fix the criminal justice system
Harris Corp. unveils its full-spectrum multiband portable radio
The Falcon Shield features multi-spectral threat sensors and a variety of response capabilities
The vehicle is a larger BearCatmodel designed to meet the needs of both SWAT and tactical EMS teams
The new shoe design has a lower ankle to ensure comfortable fit