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IACP 2016

The P1 staff hit the showroom floor at the 123rd Annual IACP Conference at the San Diego Convention Center to bring you the latest in police products and innovations, sponsored by Nationwide.

Police agencies need to assess whether it makes sense to implement a new technology solution using in-house resources
In no way does recognizing historical injustice discredit or take away from the nobility and valor of the law enforcement profession today
At IACP 2016, Doug and Jim took the opportunity to speak to police leaders about some of the most important issues facing law enforcement today
This product was designed to allow officers to focus on things that are hazardous to them, and leave the nonhazardous stuff to automation
Shell Shock Technologies has developed cheaper, better “brass” ammunition
Hitachi is a completely scalable system for gathering, integrating, and transforming various data inputs into actionable information
IACP 2016 offers the best detection devices in the technology world right now
Agencies must prepare now or risk playing catch up
Police departments are adopting new policies that are forcing them to get in front of the press to mitigate public and media uproar
The new XFORCE PRO UTV runs on a lithium ion phosphate battery system, and can go up to 60 miles on a single charge
FBI Director James Comey said 82 minors had been rescued in the US through an international effort held this month to locate victims and arrest the perpetrators
IACP President Terrence Cunningham said police have historically been a face of oppression, enforcing laws that ensure legal discrimination and denial of basic rights
Police should be trained in hemorrhage control and have tourniquets on them at all times
How does one forecast for a storm that is at once highly unlikely and grimly inevitable?
Sergeant Lou Maldonado of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spoke about how his agency changed the way its cops drive — from seatbelt use to speeds
Chief Brandon Zuidema and Lieutenant Christopher Clayton of the Garner (N.C.) Police Department delivered a compelling presentation at IACP on how they responded to the 21st Century Policing Report
Unlike a Citizens Review Board, a Citizens Advisory Board is a group of people who meet on a regular basis to provide the chief of police with advice on a wide range of issues and exchange ideas
Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Tom Ridge made some time to visit with Police1 during IACP 2016
All the capabilities of the Axon Body 2 are now available in the Flex form factor, which is preferred by officers who appreciate the capability to place the camera in a variety of places on their body
The new ShotSpotter mobile app is designed to provide timely situational awareness information to speed up officer response time and improve safety
The product combines VIEVU’s LE4 body camera with Safariland’s 7TS series of holsters in a system designed to automatically capture video
By reducing weight, constriction and pressure points, the vest is designed for natural movement
The device incorporates wireless connectivity for monitoring and tracking threats in real-time
The two-in-one jacket is for LEOs and fire/EMS professionals on the go
The 650-lumen flashlights feature a second 200-lumen LED floodlight as an unfocused lighting option
The DT395CR and DT395GS are built to withstand 4-foot drops and temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
Blauer has announced a new line of gloves and tactical apparel
The rifle package includes a Weaver KASPA 3-9x40mm mounted scope and the company’s adjustable AccuTrigger system