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IACP 2018

The P1 staff visited Orlando for the 125th annual IACP Conference to bring you the latest in police education, training, products and innovations, sponsored by Nationwide.

The 36th Chief of Police of the Orlando Police Department spoke at the National Police Foundation Annual Dinner at IACP 2018
Collaborations between law enforcement agencies, mental health care providers and community-based stakeholders are transforming police response
Gordon Graham shares his top tips for how police leaders can attract the right candidates who will stay the distance
Now more than ever, police agencies must work with faith-based communities to ensure they’re prepared
In an already extremely competitive job market, PDs that don’t adapt to the times are at an even bigger disadvantage
With the redesign of the popular less lethal tool, Axon has one primary goal – to give cops the confidence to de-escalate dangerous situations
Fitness, health and mental resilience are finally being promoted holistically to prevent officer burnout, PTSD and suicide and keep cops healthier and more productive
Dixon Police Department Officer Mark Dallas was recognized Monday for his actions during the May school shooting
Chicago’s police union argued the consent decree will make it harder for officers to do their jobs
Didn’t make it out to Orlando? We have you covered
Morale is influenced largely by the work environment, and one of the biggest contributors to a bad work environment is a lack of accountability