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Motorola Solutions to showcase the power of collaboration at IACP 2023

Technology that unifies incident communications and response across public safety agencies, private organizations and communities enhances safety outcomes

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Motorola Solutions will demonstrate how its safety and security ecosystem of technologies can increase the speed and effectiveness of incident response.

Photo/Motorola Solutions

By Police1 Staff

Protecting people, property and places is becoming increasingly complex, requiring a more proactive and collaborative approach to safety and security. Whether responding to a traffic accident, school safety incident or threat to a large-scale event, first responders are more effective when empowered to collaborate with private organizations, community members and each other.

Motorola Solutions will demonstrate how its safety and security ecosystem of technologies can increase the speed and effectiveness of incident response at IACP 2023.

“When people are empowered to work together, safety outcomes dramatically improve,” said John Zidar, senior vice president, North America Government, Motorola Solutions. “Our voice communications, video security and command center technologies integrate to streamline the flow of information, raise key insights and increase meaningful collaboration across the individuals who respond in an emergency.”

Visitors to Motorola’s booth at IACP will be immersed in three unique safety scenarios to experience the benefits of Motorola Solutions’ integrated safety and security ecosystem:

  • Traffic accident response: Solving a hit-and-run accident requires an integrated view of information from a variety of sources in real-time. Attendees will follow along as critical field-based data is collected and shared with law enforcement, the location of the fleeing vehicle is confirmed through license plate recognition cameras and critical video evidence is shared with the responding patrol unit before arriving on scene.
  • School safety incident: From the moment a threat is detected at a school, seconds matter, and getting the right information to the right people has a profound effect on outcomes. Watch as technology connects school personnel, parents and law enforcement as a school threat unfolds. Attendees will see how video camera analytics track suspicious activity, while a teacher presses a panic button on her phone, triggering a lockdown and notifying law enforcement.
  • Special event threat: Swift and efficient use of resources is vital when responding to a safety breach at a crowded stadium. Attendees will watch as a concealed weapons detection system flags a firearm, fixed video cameras and drones provide security staff and law enforcement with eyes on the scene and radios instantly connect responding personnel to coordinate their approach to the potential suspect.

Motorola’s incident scenarios and technology demonstrations can be viewed at IACP booth #2239.