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When analyzed in abstract terms, the intelligence process sounds vague, complicated and difficult to execute. This need not be the case
Five key factors make up the mission of security threat group intelligence gathering operations in a correctional setting
The thwarting of inmate plans for escape, drug trafficking, gang activity or assaults does not occur by chance
The man’s plot was discovered when a cellmate and an undercover deputy got an audio recording of the scheme
According to the report, “in addition to any potential human failures, staffing shortages and pressures, policy deficiencies and ambiguities, and historical internal practices were chief contributing factors”
Michael Burham looked “tired and worn-out, as we thought he might” and was dirty and wet, still wearing his jail-issued pants turned inside out
The death penalty filing cites four aggravating circumstances, including that Deputy Durm was killed while performing “his duty as a law enforcement officer”
Marion County Deputy John Durm was returning the murder suspect to jail when the inmate attacked Durm
Michael Burham, who is also a suspect in a homicide case, used bed sheets to descend the jail’s walls
Officials say Michael Burham escaped by climbing on exercise equipment and using bed sheets tied together
The program at the Collin County Sheriff’s Office provides job and life skills training to inmates to reduce jail violence and recidivism