Baltimore police investigating forceful arrest captured on video


BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police are investigating the actions of officers who forcefully arrested a young man Monday in an encounter captured on video.

Spokesman Matt Jablow said the department is investigating the circumstances that led to the man’s arrest and whether the officers complied with procedure.

Officers arrested the man in South Baltimore, Jablow said.

“He bit the officer in the hand,” Jablow said. “He drew blood.”

City Council President Brandon Scott took to Twitter on Thursday to draw attention to the video. Scott wrote online that he immediately alerted Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

“I will be personally following up with him as more details come to light,” Scott wrote.

In a phone call, Scott said he found the officers’ actions disturbing. He wants to see the footage from their body cameras.

“Clearly, some of the images in the video have raised concerns for me,” Scott said. “I want to know everything that happened before making a judgment.”

The two officers have not been identified. Jablow said they arrested the man and charged him with felony drug possession, trespassing and resisting arrest.

The video clip of 45 seconds shows them on top of a young man on the pavement. One officer has his arm wrapped around the man’s neck.

Baltimore Police are prohibited from using a choke hold unless the situation calls for deadly force, according to department regulations.

“Put your hands behind your back. Put your hands behind your back,” one officer shouts. “Stop fighting!”

“You’re choking me!" the person on the ground says. “You’re choking me!”

“You’re fighting. Stop!” the officer says.

Harrison unveiled a new use-of-force policy last month to emphasize de-escalation tactics.

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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