Video: Officers quiz Pa. man over open carry

An investigation followed the conversation between a man with an uncovered pistol and an officer

By Police1 Staff 

PHILADELPHIA — Video shows officers quizzing a man over an open carry after stopping him on Main Street in Roxborough.

 Joshua Rodriguez was carrying a holstered Glock 23, a compact 40-caliber pistol, and a magazine containing 13 hollow-point bullets, according to NewsWorks.

Rodriguez said the officer asked him to "cover up" the firearm, and when Rodriguez refused,  the officer asked for his license to carry.

Rodriguez is heard on video saying that he knows the law, and that he is allowed to carry four magazines on his person. 

"You have all these laws, man," said a second officer at the scene. "Did you go to law school?"

"No, I just know the law," responded Rodriguez, who was told by the second cop that he was not supposed to have hollow-point ammunition.

Attorney Joshua Prince, a Bechtelsville, Pa.-based attorney with expertise in firearms law, told NewsWorks that hollow-point bullets are indeed legal. Prince added that loaded weapons are also legal, whether open-carried or concealed. 

While the PPD acknowledged the existence of the YouTube clip, department spokesperson Lt. John Stanford said that he hadn't seen the entire video, and would not be able to comment directly on the actions of the officers.

No complaint was filed, nor has there been further investigation of the Nov. 8 incident, according to the article. 

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