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From cutting people free from flaming cars to rescuing furry friends, you never know when you’ll need a quality blade on the job
A veteran officer recounts several encounters where the sturdy knife in his pocket made a big difference
One of the injured Taunton police officers was stabbed in the face and back of the head; the chief, who lived nearby the scene, received a puncture wound to his chest
The video shows the suspect holding a fishing filet knife as he starts to move toward the officers standing outside of a residence
When responding officers approached the suspect minutes later, he pulled out a foot-long knife and tried to throw it at them
Police offered to transport the suspect to a local hospital just before he lunged toward an officer with a knife
The man ignored multiple commands to drop the knife, bodycam video shows
Officers engaged in “an intense, prolonged struggle” for the knife, officials said
The suspect ran into a business where he took an employee hostage, police said
“There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason” behind the attacks, a police spokesman said
The district attorney’s office said the officer’s use of force was “clearly a last resort”
Deputies were assisting a U.S. Marshals Service task force when the scene turned deadly
Police said a surveillance team was following the man just prior to the attack
The officer managed to shoot the suspect during the altercation, police said
Officers repeatedly asked the man to drop the knife and spent several minutes trying to de-escalate the situation
Officers were able to subdue the man, who had 14 previous arrests, police said
Bodycam video shows the suspect lunging at officers
Video shows a woman charging at a deputy with a knife while her two children look on
The suspect runs down a hallway as officers shoot at him and is ultimately detained by a SWAT team
Police officials said the officer is expected to fully recover
Cellphone video shows a man running toward officers before three gunshots ring out
Video shows the man refused orders to get on the ground
The man was “acting erratically” and refused to drop the knife, officials said
The stabbing attack left two people dead and three injured
The man charged at an officer, who fired at him, sheriff’s officials said
An officer was sitting in his patrol car when he was approached by a man with a knife
The deadly incident unfolded Thursday morning outside the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice
The shooting came minutes after the suspect had carjacked a woman at knifepoint, San Francisco Police said