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Video: Ohio officer attempts to de-escalate during mental health call before being stabbed in neck

Police offered to transport the suspect to a local hospital just before he lunged toward an officer with a knife


Photo/Facebook via This is Butter

By Ashley Silver
Police1 Staff

DAYTON, Ohio — Recently released body cam footage shows the lengths one Ohio officer took to de-escalate a mental health call before being stabbed by a suspect.

In the video shared by Dayton Now, viewers can hear officers using numerous de-escalation methods to speak with 29-year-old Tyler Patrick, seemingly building trust with the individual.

“Are you feeling homicidal, suicidal? I came here to talk to you. Do you have a healthcare worker that you talk to? Could we go to Grandview and get you checked out?” asked Officer George Kloos in the video.

The suspect let officers know he did not want to go to the hospital, but stated he was hearing voices and continuously told police someone was in his home trying to hurt him.

“These officers were doing a phenomenal job at de-escalation. The patience they showed we are extremely proud of, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know what more they could have done in these situations,” Major Jason Hall with the Dayton Police Department told Dayton Now.

Officers spoke with Patrick for several minutes before he lunged toward Officer George Kloos and stabbed him in the neck with a knife. The body cam video captures other responding officers subduing Patrick and removing the knife from his hand.

According to Hall, officers were familiar with the suspect before responding to the call and said he’d made violent threats in previous interactions. Due to this, they thought it safer to send police rather than mental health officials.

Patrick now faces aggravated felony assault charges.

Officer Kloos survived the attack and is currently at home recovering, according to Dayton Now.

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