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When Albuquerque Police Department officers tried to bring a robbery suspect into custody, he grabbed an officer’s rifle, released the safety and fired shots to the ground
The proposal was voted down by the Wethersfield town council, which cited a rule that requests to fly the flag be submitted 30 days in advance
The evidence would make it impossible for prosecutors to prove that Trooper Ryan Londregan’s actions were an illegal use of force, the county attorney’s office stated
Colorado and California have passed laws prohibiting the term’s use among emergency responders, and more state legislatures, including Hawaii, have proposed similar laws
MLB Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench thanked “Cincinnati’s finest” for a “great catch” in a Tweet featuring an autographed photo
The suspect was threatening two hostages with a knife when a Lee County Sheriff’s Office SWAT officer fired a single shot through a computer monitor, killing him
Many merchants offer special discounts to LEOs as a “thank you” for their service
The man exited the car and started pouring oil in the lobby, attempting to ignite it, before Martin County deputies subdued him with a TASER
A Deschutes County deputy was one of at least three people injured when a bull jumped out of the ring at the Sisters Rodeo