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The Ambush topic page features safety tips, columnist commentary, and the latest news updates on the growing threat of targeted attacks against police officers. This page is a key resource for officers everywhere on this troubling trend.

Approach planning as if you were the criminal element
Gun handling lessons from the July ambush of Fargo police officers
This incident shows good tactics to end an ambush and offers a display of great courage. This is how it is done
After the man ambushed and wounded the deputies, he fled in their cruiser, running over one deputy’s leg
“I still carry the vivid image of my partner holding his neck and blood all over the front of his uniform,” Sgt. Brian Hanlon said
Sgt. Terrence Carraway died the day of the shooting and Deputy Farrah Turner died nearly three weeks later from her wounds
When the suspect attacked the officer, the officer’s firearm had been dislodged from its holster, leading to a struggle between the officer and the suspect over the handgun
The suspect ambushed the deputies while they were sitting in a cruiser and shot both deputies at point-blank range before running away
Officer Alec Iurato was given the Courage in Service award after shooting the gunman who shot him and killed two other officers in an ambush
“Turn yourself in. We will find you,” Police Chief Lawrence Revell said. “We will not rest, we will not sleep, we will not pause until we find you and bring you to justice”
“Another case of someone who should have been in jail”; police chief angered after sixth officer shot within two weeks