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Mich. officer fired after killing ‘friendly’ deer against department instructions

“He acted independently [and] committed multiple policy violations in his decision to euthanize [Annie the deer],” Chief Mario RedLegs said


Pokagon Band Tribal Police

By Joanna Putman

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. — An officer has been fired after he went against instructions from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and euthanized a deer that locals called “Annie,” News Channel 3 reported.

While responding to an unrelated domestic incident on Oct. 20, Officer David Loza wrangled the deer with a neck strap and shot it to death. Residents were outraged, according to the report.

Pokagon Tribal Police Department Chief Mario RedLegs released a statement Friday saying that Loza had consulted with his supervising officer about the deer, but had ignored his instructions, according to the report.

“Despite consulting with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and his supervising officer, Mr. Loza ignored comments from citizens and misidentified Annie as a ‘pet deer.’ He acted independently, committed multiple policy violations in his decision to euthanize Annie without just cause,” RedLegs said.

The statement continued, " His actions demonstrated a complete lack of compassion and empathy for Annie as well as the witnesses and other members who willingly provided her with love and support.”

Annie had become friendly with local residents, according to reports. Lawrence resident Pamela Babb told News Channel 3 her family rescued Annie two years ago after the fawn’s mother was hit and killed by a car.

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