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3 arrested in connection with video of attack on Baltimore police sergeant

Two adults and a teenager have been arrested and charged after a video circulated on social media showed the sergeant being kicked while attempting to restrain a suspect

Phil Davis
Baltimore Sun

BALTIMORE — Baltimore police say they’ve arrested two adults and a teenager in connection with an assault on a city police officer that was captured on video, showing citizens kicking the officer while he was detaining another man.

Donnell Burgess, 20, was arrested Sunday and charged with assault on police and resisting arrest in relation to the Jan. 17 incident. Zayne Abdullah, 23, of Dundalk, was arrested Monday and charged with assault and resisting arrest. An unnamed 17-year-old was also arrested and charged as a juvenile.

A video widely circulated on social media showed a Baltimore police sergeant being kicked by onlookers while he tried to restrain a man on the ground Friday night.

Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the officer was doing a business check in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Ave. around midnight when a person became argumentative and spat in the officer’s face.

The video showed the apparent aftermath of the attempted arrest, as several onlookers kick at the officer and at least one person attempts to drag the man away from the sergeant as he’s trying to detain him.

Harrison said Saturday police had already arrested one individual in connection with the incident and were still trying to identify others who were involved.

It is not clear whether Burgess has obtained an attorney as the charges have not yet been filed in Maryland’s online court system.