Beating the hidden killer: Spotting a concealed weapon

Roughly 88 percent of people are right handed — smoking, wristwatch position, and moving of objects will help you determine which is the dominant hand

In preparation for my presentation at the 2012 ILEETA Conference entitled “Fight Like a Fighter Pilot” I did a lot of research regarding John Boyd’s OODA Loop and his combat strategies. One of the big killers of law enforcement officers is shooting that occur at close distances.

The statistics tell us that the majority of officers shot and killed in the line of duty are killed at distances of 10 feet or less, with more than half occurring at five feet or less.

The crux of my presentation was setting law enforcement officers up to win in physical and armed confrontations by applying Boyd’s’ principles. The first step in the OODA loop is observation, so I did some research regarding what would seem like a logical next step, spotting concealed weapons.

We Know This Stuff, Right?
Initially I was concerned that the information would be common knowledge to an audience comprised of some of the world’s best law enforcement trainers. In Brian McKenna’s class while talking about training issues that related to the Lakewood Four shooting, I polled a large audience, asking how many of them had training on how to spot hidden firearms. I was quite honestly surprised to see that only about 10 percent of the large group indicated they had such training.

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