Covert weapon warning: Beware the Strike Spike

Law enforcement and military intelligence centers have issued an officer safety warning about a covert attack tool called the Strike Spike.  

It’s a black aluminum disk, about an inch in diameter, that features half a dozen small but “ultra sharp” barbs rising from one of its flat sides. Available for less than $20 online, it is advertised as a self-defense, “counter-attack” item. But it’s potential threat to officers is obvious.

For example, a promotional blurb at one site suggests: “Attach to back strap of your cap. If confronted...raise your arms... Grab bill of hat, whipping it off and striking your assailant.”

The disk can also be attached to a shoelace, heightening the danger of a suspect’s kick, as well as to a watchband, a bracelet, or other clothing accessory, “ensuring that the weapon is easily accessible to inflict injury.”

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