Drills and technique: The importance of handcuffing

Because the hands kill, your hands have to be more prepared to be more deadly than your adversary

No matter what position you put someone in, it still comes down to this: “Account for the hands, watch the hands, control the hands.” This is because the hands kill. So your hands have to be more prepared to be more deadly than your adversary.

I suggest that you keep the criminal following commands and a little bit confused. If you use the same technique often enough and long enough criminals prepare to defeat it.

That is why I tried to get to know the criminals that I arrested on repeated occasions and vary the techniques I used with them. Some officers have a preference for a particular high-risk technique. I have chosen to learn them all and applied them all and even develop a few on my own for a tactically defensible variety. For example, I have ordered subjects to put their:

• Hands on the heads
• Hands in the small of their back, fingers spread
• Hands out palms, up,
• One hand on your head, one hand behind your back

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