NYPD sergeant suing Starbucks after violent encounter

Sgt. Timothy Wall said he sustained an injury at a local Starbucks that could prematurely end his career

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — An NYPD sergeant is suing Starbucks after a violent encounter at one of their locations left the LEO with an injury that he says could end his career.

On September 28, 2017, Sgt. Timothy Wall, 33, responded to a call about a “disturbed and violent individual” at a local Starbucks, CBS New York reports. Wall encountered a 24-year-old homeless man who made threats and was unhappy with the free croissant he received from employees.

“He said he wanted to kill everyone at the location,” Wall said. “He went to grab the bag stating he was going to kill everyone… We didn’t know what was in the bag, so we couldn’t take the risk.”

Wall said he was restraining the combative man when his shoulder popped out of its socket and stayed that way for 45 minutes. The injury resulted in Wall undergoing surgery in February. He now goes to physical therapy three times a week.

“I tore my labrum and I have seven anchors in my right shoulder,” Wall said.

The sergeant said he has repeatedly warned that Starbucks location, which he said is notorious for complaints of harassment from disorderly men, that handing out free food and drinks to emotionally disturbed people could be dangerous. The LEO said he’s now in pain every day since the incident and fears the injury could force him to prematurely retire.

“I just feel like it was their negligence that led to me getting hurt,” Wall said.

Starbucks blamed the sergeant’s injuries on “culpable conduct” and “assumption of risk,” according to court documents. The chain told CBS New York in a statement that “no free food was provided nor precipitated this incident.”

But Wall said that isn’t the case. The sergeant also added that there was a security guard at the location, but he didn’t do much other than to point to the issue.

Wall is currently on desk duty and believes he’ll be placed on disability in the coming months. 

The homeless man was arrested for assault and released. He was later arrested again in connection to a string of burglaries.

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD Sgt. Suing Starbucks After Violent Encounter In Busy Midtown Location Speaks Out

An injury sustained in a violent scuffle inside a Midtown Starbucks could spell the premature end of an NYPD sergeant's career. He claims he warned them for over a year if they didn't change their policy when it comes to giving free food to people who are emotionally disturbed, someone was going to get hurt. He just had no idea it would be him. CBS2's Jessica Layton spoke exclusively to Sgt. Timothy Wall.

Posted by CBS New York on Thursday, April 26, 2018


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