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Officer safety reminders for transporting prisoners

Whose job is it to carefully search a prisoner before transporting to HQ, court, or detention facility?

We know there’s a big difference between pat down at time of initial contact and careful search once taken into custody. The arresting officer is ultimately the one who should do the search and document label and secure evidence.

Firearms found need to be made safe immediately and secured out of prisoners reach.

If for any reason another officer must make contact for transportation of the prisoner a weapons search should be done again. Cautious minded safety minded officers do that.

Back seats of cruisers should be checked prior to loading the prisoner to make sure contraband and or a knife gun or other object which could aid a prisoners escape were not left from a previous transport.

We are all our brother’s keeper — don’t let an evil mind get the drop on you.

Don’t let complacency get you or a fellow officer hurt or killed.

Double-lock your cuffs, cuff behind back, seatbelt the prisoner — and if you’ve got a dangerous felon, use a second officer to ride with you.

There is no excuse for cuffed secured prisoners to kill one of ours.

Be tactical, be smart, be safe.