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Video: Bystander provides aid as suspect fires officer’s gun during struggle

The officer was grazed by the shot but continued to hold down the suspect


By Sarah Calams

AMARILLO, Texas — Video captured the moment a bystander helped an Amarillo Police Department officer struggling with a suspect during an arrest.

On Friday, an Amarillo motorcycle officer was conducting a traffic stop when he learned the driver had an outstanding warrant. The officer attempted to arrest the driver, but the suspect started to fight, then fled the scene, reported.

The officer started a foot pursuit, which led to him bringing the suspect down to the ground in an alley. While they were struggling on the ground, the suspect reached for the officer’s gun. In the video, a bystander is seen helping the officer with the suspect. The suspect reaches for the officer’s gun a second time and fires a shot.

The officer was grazed by the shot but continued to hold down the suspect, according to the report. After backup arrived, the suspect was arrested.

The officer, who was treated at the scene, was transported to a hospital but wasn’t seriously injured.

“I’m really proud of the officer,” APD Sgt. Carla Burr said. “It was probably terrifying and he was able to keep the suspect from hurting him, hurting anyone else. We thank the citizen that stopped. That probably made a huge difference for the officer. It allowed him to gain control, it allowed him to feel a little more confident. It was a fight for his life.”