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Video: Good Samaritan thwarts attack on officers

An off-duty medical assistant is being credited for possibly saving the lives of two officers during an attack

By Police1 Staff

PORTAGE, Wis. — An off-duty medical assistant is being credited for possibly saving the lives of two officers during an attack.

On April 15, Portage Officers Brian Loewenhagen and Eric Walters were attempting to arrest Jacob Hellenbrand, 21, on a probation violation when 21-year-old Olivia Boomsma started punching Loewenhagen, WKOW reports. During the ensuing struggle, Portage Chief Kenneth Manthey said Hellenbrand kicked Walters in the head, knocking the officer unconscious for more than two minutes.

Vanessa Guerra, an off-duty certified medical assistant and former corrections officer, witnessed the attack and rushed over to help. Boomsma started fighting with Loewenhagen again and reportedly yelled about having a knife in her pocket.

After Boomsma threatened officers, Guerra “body-slammed” the suspect against the wall. Walters later regained consciousness and apprehended Boomsma.

After the incident, Manthey thanked Guerra for her quick actions and said she may have saved the lives of the two officers. Guerra said she wasn’t thinking about her own safety when she jumped in to help the officers.

“I’m in the medical profession. When you get into that mode, you’re there for your patients, you’re there for the person that you see in need. And that’s what you do,” she said.

Walters suffered a possible a possible concussion, but he and Loewenhagen were expected to be OK. Hellenbrand and Boomsma both face several charges, including battery to a law enforcement officer, according to WISC.

On Wednesday, Judge Alan White criticized the two suspects and ordered $75,000 cash bond for Hellenbrand and $50,000 cash bond for Boomsma.

“When you kick somebody in the head ... you are taking a significant risk, and I am happy we’re all here not looking at a brain damaged or deceased law enforcement officer,” White said. “The individuals are dangerous, and the public needs protection from them.”