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BWC: Man stabs officer in head before fatal OIS

The wounded officer has recovered since the August incident

BWC: Man stabs officer in head before fatal OIS

The man struggled with Officer McMichael before stabbing the officer in the head.

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By Joanna Putman

CHARLOTTE, N.C — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) released body camera footage from an August officer-involved shooting incident that left a suspect dead and an officer wounded, WCNC reported.

CMPD officers Tyler Bourque and Shawn McMichael were responding to a domestic violence call when they heard gunshots coming from the apartment they were sent to investigate, according to the report. The officers were able to gain access into the apartment, where they found a man with a gun. Video shows officers ordering the suspect to drop the gun.

The gun fell to the ground, and the officers moved to place themselves between the man and the weapon. As they tried to get closer to the suspect, he suddenly began to move erratically. He struggled with McMichael before stabbing the officer in the head.

Bourque then shot the man, who died on the scene.

McMichael and a woman found shot in the apartment were taken to a hospital and have since recovered.

“We routinely train for situations like this involving active violence,” Johnny Jennings, the CMPD police chief, said in a released statement Thursday. “Officers Bourque and McMichael rose to their training, putting their lives in extreme danger for the sake of the protection of innocent life. Police officers are never able to predict the circumstances that they are about to encounter. This case highlights the dangers they face and how quickly a threat can present itself.”

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