Nashville bodycam video shows moments surrounding Christmas bombing

Video shows officers walking by the RV – blaring its evacuation message – just before the blast

By Suzie Ziegler 

NASHVILLE — Police released video of the chaotic aftermath of the Christmas Day blast that killed a bomber and wounded three others. The body camera is worn by Officer Michael Sipos, who was just blocks away when the bomb went off. 

Nashville Metropolitan Police posted the nearly 13-minute video to Facebook on Monday. 

At one point in the video, officers walk by the parked RV moments before it explodes. A warning message blaring from the RV to “stay clear of the vehicle" is heard in the video.

“That’s so weird,” Sipos says. “That’s like something out of a movie.” 

The explosion happens around 3:50 in the video. The blast is heard, and dust and smoke are seen covering the end of the street a few blocks from Sipos. Glass shatters and car alarms go off. 

Sipos makes his way back to the blast site, which is now strewn with rubble. Building fire alarms are wailing along the street and the RV is consumed by flames. Another officer is seen helping a man and his daughter leave the area. 

Sipos had been issued a body camera just days before, Nashville Police said.


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