Video: Man uses to drone to deliver doughnuts to cops

A man tied a box of doughnuts to his drone to make a sweet delivery to the local police department

By Suzie Ziegler 

ERIE, Pa. — A man in Pennsylvania says he coordinated a high-tech doughnut drop for his local police department. A YouTube video by Alex Beech shows the apparent delivery. 

A four-minute video uploaded on Dec. 31 shows the drone flying out to a parking lot to a parked patrol car. The drone first delivers a note – dangling from the drone by a string -- that tells police about Beech’s intention to bring doughnuts. An officer gets out of his car to collect the note and gives the drone a thumbs up. 

Beech then flies the drone back home to load up the doughnuts before returning to the police station. The doughnuts make it safely to the ground and into the hands of an appreciative police officer. 


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