Watch: Mob swarms trooper’s cruiser, smashes windshield in Chicago

A trooper who came across a sideshow was surrounded by about 100 people, police said

By Suzie Ziegler 

CHICAGO — Shocking dashcam video shows an Illinois state trooper keeping calm even as his vehicle is attacked by a rowdy crowd. The video shows several people jumping on the cruiser’s hood as others film the incident with cellphones. One person throws an object, smashing the car’s windshield. After that, it’s hard to see anything through cracked windshield. 

The incident happened just before 2 a.m. Sunday on July 3 in Chicago, according to WPSD. The trooper had gone to investigate traffic congestion on an exit ramp and saw several cars engaging in driving stunts, police told WPSD. As the trooper approached, a crowd walked toward his car, blocking his path. 

“We got a mob,” the trooper says into his radio. “He just jumped on my car. He just broke my window.” 

The trooper sounds his siren and drives in reverse away from the crowd, video shows. Police say about 100 people swarmed the car, causing extensive damage to the vehicle, according to WPSD. Some in the crowd threw rocks, bricks and fireworks, police said. 

No arrests were immediately made, reported CWB Chicago. The investigation is ongoing. 

This incident was one of several attacks on police officers in Chicago across the July 4th holiday weekend. Multiple officers sustained minor injuries due to fireworks and attacks on squad cars

It’s unclear if the trooper was injured during the July 3 encounter. 

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