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CivicEye launches free records management system grant program for tribal LE agencies

The program aims to help tribal police agencies use new strategies and technologies to drive more efficient policing

By CivicEye
Cision PR Newswire

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — CivicEye, the end-to-end provider of cloud software for Public Safety, today announced the launch of the Law Enforcement Empowerment Program (LEEP), an opportunity for tribal law enforcement agencies to partner with CivicEye to conduct a free Records Management System (RMS) pilot program. This program will be a vital tool in enabling agencies that otherwise couldn’t afford software or solutions for their departments. The LEEP program for 2022 launches with the primary focus on tribal law enforcement, seeking to enable these agencies to enlist new strategies and technologies that not only help drive efficient internal processes today but also drive more efficient policing and build safer communities for years to come.

Application to the program will be open from April 19 to May 16, 2022, at 12 PM EST (please apply online here). It is recommended that police chiefs and/or authority figures with tribal departments complete the application. Up to 10 tribal law enforcement agencies will be selected to participate in the program, at no cost, for a term of two (2) years of free access to CivicRMS, on-site training and implementation, and transition services at the conclusion of the program if they decide not to continue using the application.

Native American Law Enforcement agencies have faced significant challenges securing funding to properly staff and give their departments access to needed resources to serve their communities. By using CivicRMS, agencies will be able to create incident reports, analyze crime trends, monitor drug offenses, and drive more efficient processes. This high-performance, modern records management system will be easy to use and allow for more time spent in the community and less time behind a computer.

FULL STORY: CivicEye launches law enforcement empowerment program; opens application process to provide free access to a limited number of tribal law enforcement agencies