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Tribal Police

Here are some unique grant funding sources to consider for your law enforcement equipment, training and other resource needs
Community policing programs and illicit drug investigations are the focus of this year’s funding
The move comes as part of an effort to combat the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons epidemic; there are approximately 4,200 unsolved cases in the state
In one video, an officer can be heard telling demonstrators, “This is a state route,” and “Everybody will be arrested” if they don’t disperse and get off the road
The suspect opened fire on officers after they attempted to arrest him for an active warrant in 2021, killing Officer Ryan Bialke
A White Mountain Apache Police officer was fatally shot while attempting a traffic stop
The program aims to help tribal police agencies use new strategies and technologies to drive more efficient policing
A new law creates an alert system to notify police to reports of missing Indigenous people and expands the definition of “missing endangered person”
Authorities have offered a $10,000 award for information leading to an arrest
Officer Ryan Bialke was remembered as a happy and generous soul
A new grant program via the Bureau of Justice Assistance will release $7.65 million in funding for selected agencies
The case highlighted the dangers faced by tribal police officers who often must patrol vast jurisdictions alone
The Supreme Court had previously held that tribal police have little authority over non-members
A new plan aims to increase communication among local LE officials, especially in places with overlapping jurisdiction
The court seemed likely Tuesday to allow tribal officers to stop and search non-members on tribal lands
Officer Jay Hughes was remembered as a kind soul with a good sense of humor
In some counties, Indigenous women are murdered at a rate ten times the national average
Due to the weather and frigid temperatures, crews do not believe Tulalip Tribal Police Officer Charlie Cortez survived
Tulalip Tribal Police Officer Charlie Cortez disappeared into frigid water Tuesday night
Sheriff Bill Gore threatened to restrict access to tribal lands in an effort to get casinos to close their doors, the lawsuit says
Bryan Brown, a tribal police officer, died in the line of duty August 27 a few months before he was set to retire
The Tohono O’odham Nation police officer was identified as Officer Bryan Brown
The tribe’s checkpoint rules say non-residents driving non-commercial out-of-state vehicles are never allowed through the reservation
Is it tribal officers or officers working for an agency that operates under state law who oversee investigations on reservation land when nontribal people are involved?
The Tribal Access Program allows tribes to see and enter information into multiple federal databases
Three regional Native American tribes will be strengthening their public health and safety initiatives after receiving recent grants
The man suspected of gunning down a tribal officer on the nation’s largest American Indian reservation was found hiding on a ridge not far from his rural home
Officer Houston James Largo died after he was shot while responding to a domestic violence call