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AARDVARK Tactical’s PROJECT7 launches P7 Saves Initiative to honor law enforcement heroes

P7 Saves launches with the story of Officer Jordan Robison who survived multiple gunshot wounds during a vehicle takedown of an attempted murder suspect

By Police1 Staff

LA VERNE, Calif. — PROJECT7 Armor, a division of AARDVARK Tactical, has officially announced the launch of its P7 Saves Initiative, a program designed to honor the resilience and survival of law enforcement and military personnel who have faced critical incidents while equipped with PROJECT7 gear.

P7 Saves launches with the story of Jordan Robison, a San Bernardino, California police officer who survived multiple gunshot wounds from a 10mm Glock during a vehicle takedown of an attempted murder suspect in August 2021.

Robison was hit a total of seven times, with five rounds hitting outside the coverage of his PROJECT7 Scalable Entry Vest. Robison was struck once in each arm (fracturing both), once in the shoulder, once in the abdomen below his armor, and once in the leg resulting in a shattered femur. Two additional rounds were stopped by his armor with one deflecting off of his cummerbund creating a grazing wound to his side, and the second in the center of his rifle plate directly over his abdominal aorta.

After multiple surgeries and intensive physical and occupational therapy, Jordan was released from the hospital to continue his road to recovery. Today, Jordan is currently retired from law enforcement and working toward becoming a Physician’s Assistant. His goal is to work in the same hospital that treated him.

Jordan’s survival was due in large part to the heroic actions of his team members. This is especially true for Officer Chris Shipley, who treated Jordan with his own tourniquet despite also being shot in the leg, and Medic Spence Brumbaugh, who kept Jordan alive during transport, giving the trauma team precious time to save Jordan once he arrived at the hospital.

PROJECT7’s launch of the P7 Saves Initiative not only highlights individual stories of survival but also reflects on the collective effort of training, equipment and medical response in critical incidents.

Jon Becker, CEO and Founder of PROJECT7, expressed profound gratitude for Jordan Robison’s survival, underscoring the mission behind PROJECT7’s creation: “Jordan is the first save for PROJECT7. When we set out to build PROJECT7, we knew that eventually, someone’s life would depend upon our armor. That is why we chose the best possible ballistic partner in Safariland and it is what inspired us to build the best possible armor system. It is hard to express how grateful we are that Jordan is alive and healthy to experience the rest of his life.”

For more information about P7 Safes Lives initiative, click here.