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Ark. cop connects with boy he saw walking miles to school

School Resource Officer Jeff Shirley knew he could make a difference

Paragould High School sro bike arkansas

Paragould High School

By Suzie Ziegler

JONESBORO, Ark. — On his way to work as a school resource officer, Cpl. Jeff Shirley would see the same boy walking three miles to and from school each day. So, Shirley offered him a ride.

“Being an SRO it’s important to build that connection with the students,” Shirley told KAIT 8. “You want them to know, ‘Yes I am a cop but I’m human too.’”

Shirley says it’s his job to make a difference, which is why he reached out when he saw that Zander needed help.

“I would see him walking home from [football] practice late at night and I would give him a ride,” said Shirley. “I went home one night and talked to my wife about something more permanent and that’s when I thought of the bike.”

Shirley says it made his day to see Zander’s smile when he presented the bike.

“That look is why I do what I do,” said Shirley. “His mouth just dropped, and he was so happy, and just could not believe that it was his.”

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