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Ga. deputy, good Samaritans perform CPR on man who collapsed at YMCA

The immediate CPR response from bystanders was vital to the man’s survival, the deputy said



By Ashley Silver

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — A Georgia deputy responding to a 911 call and several bystanders recently saved the life of a man at a local YMCA.

“Dispatchers advised that there was a male that had passed out somewhere on the upstairs gym of the YMCA,” Deputy Christian Spinkx told WSBTV News.

Bodycam video shows Spinkx running up a flight of stairs in the YMCA to find an unconscious man, suffering from cardiac arrest surrounded by a crowd of people.

“There were a lot of citizens already there working on him; one female in particular doing CPR already. The male was also hooked up to an AED,” Spinkx told WSBTV. “The one big thing to me is I know CPR is very exhausting when you’re actually doing it, so, immediately I offer my help and tell the citizens I’ll take over.”

Spinkx is seen on bodycam video doing compressions on the man. After several minutes, the man regained consciousness.

“We were able to get a pulse. He came back and eventually opened his eyes in a state of panic, rightfully so. We were able to communicate with him,” Spinkx said.

The immediate CPR response from bystanders at the YMCA was vital to the man’s survival, according to Spinkx.

“There were other people who played a role in this, so it wasn’t just me ... it was a combined effort. I can’t do anything but applaud the people who were there in that gym at that time,” Spinkx told the media outlet.

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